About GHM

Greater is He Ministries (GHM) is grounded in the understanding that people’s lives are changed through committed relationships; therefore, the focus of the ministry is to make the redemptive love  of Christ known by the trust and care built through stable, ongoing relationships.

Greater is He Ministries (GHM) was established as an outreach ministry in March of 2004 in Trenton New Jersey. The focus of this ministry is outreach in the community where we are located.

Since 2004 we have held several training and development conferences, in addition to our annual Christmas gift- give away which has assisted in making the presence of GHM known within the community. We have also partnered with the Rescue Mission of Trenton providing counseling to the men and women that reside at the mission; and holding Bible Study and Fellowship services.

In October 2005 GHM expanded from outreach to a fully established church, and in March 2006 Michael R. Howard was installed as Sr. Pastor of Greater is He Ministries (GHM); and GHM celebrated it’s 2nd Anniversary as both an outreach ministry and church.

Greater is He Ministries (GHM) strives to spread the gospel to all

  • Training events and retreats which engage a sense of
    community among families;
  • Development of a prison ministry that will engage both the
    incarcerated and their families in wholeness and spiritual
  • Establishment of partnerships with local community agencies
    as a referral source for those seeking employment and/or
    housing; and
  • Continued expansion of the ministry and its services as needs
    arise and finances provide.