Elder Brenda Esaw-Howard

Pastor Howard’s genuine concern for the under-served and downtrodden has fueled her passion for hospitals, nursing homes, the Rescue Mission, along with walking the streets of Asbury Park, Trenton and the surrounding areas, journeying to places where some are afraid to go such as crack houses and abandon homes. Lady Howard’s holistic ministry knows a person in 3 parts, mind, body, and spirit. She uses her communication skills she obtained from AT & T to reach the mind; her certifications in Standard First Aid, Asthma, Abuse, Neglect, and various medical knowledge to take care of the body; her continuous study of Gods word to minister to the soul. Lady Howard is currently overseeing the Women of Integrity ministry, and has founded a Christian Debutante program titled “Princess to Queens. Additionally, she is a two-time breast cancer survivor, and the founder of Celebration of Life 2000 an organization that educates and empowers women concerning breast cancer awareness. Lady Howard motto is “Feed them and they will hear you, touch them and they hear God”. She has received several certifications and licenses which include Substance Abuse counseling, management training, effective parenting and crisis management in urban communities. She is a graduate of Shady Rest Bible Institute, Mercer County Community College, and Cairn University. She is currently pursuing her Graduate Degree.

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