Training & Development Classes Provide an exciting, and challenging educational experience through solid biblical education that results in self-evaluation, an enhanced commitment to the development and implementation of Christian principles, and multiple community transformations through evangelism. Now accepting registrations.


We believe in service; to each other, and the broader community. Men of Promise delight in the Lord through service to other men that is relational, relevant, evangelical, excellent, and leading Women’s Fellowship & Development addressing the interest and concerns of women through seminars, retreats, and community service Youth and Young Adults engage in social, … Read more


Elder Brenda Esaw-Howard Pastor Howard’s genuine concern for the under-served and downtrodden has fueled her passion for hospitals, nursing homes, the Rescue Mission, along with walking the streets of Asbury Park, Trenton and the surrounding areas, journeying to places where some are afraid to go such as crack houses and abandon homes. Lady Howard’s holistic … Read more

Senior Pastor

Overseer Michael R. Howard October 2005, Overseer Howard accepted the call to Pastorship of Greater Is He Ministries Trenton N. J. Overseer Howard was ordained as Pastor and installed March 2006 by Apostle D. C. Thomas, prelate of the Greater Word to the World ministry. Overseer Howard has birthed many programs at his church that … Read more

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